Concentric is a national company focused on providing best in-class microgrid and energy storage solutions by offering engineering, procurement, installation, and long term maintenance of Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS).  

Solving Power Problems

Concentric provides a seamless way to achieve your energy transition goals and operation peace of mind.  For commercial and industrial facilities, data centers and utility operators at the grids edge, Concentric solves your power problems.

Concentric provides a full suite of critical power and energy storage solutions for distributed energy resources and micro-grids that solve an array of problems including:

  • Energy Resilience – store, dispatch and manage your own power.
  • Time Use Optimization – energy arbitrage, peak shaving and demand response.
  • Capacity Constraints – augment and further support existing infrastructure.
  • Power Quality – stable, reliable power supply.

Concentric’s engineered solutions solve for these problems, deliver operational peace of mind, and further your energy transition goals.  All while helping you manage the full-lifecycle of Energy Storage Services.

Products / Solutions  

  • Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS)
  • Grid-Tie Solar/Inverter Systems
  • Distributed Energy Control Systems
  • Micro-Grid Integration

Markets Served  

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Distributed Energy Resources

The Arthur N. Ulrich Company is the Concentric USA manufacturer’s representative agency in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Michigan and Western Pennsylvania.  


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