Rail / Transit Agencies

Railroads and transit agencies need to keep their trains moving 24/7. Stopped trains can cause lost revenue and unhappy customers. Since the early 1980’s we’ve been working with rail and transit customers to provide robust and reliable wayside power solutions to ensure 100% uptime of critical equipment.

Our wayside railroad solutions include: batteries and chargers for highway crossings, intermediate signals, switch machines and hot box detectors; prime and backup power systems (solar, wind, fuel cells, stirling engines, etc.) for remote sites, PTC upgrades, dark territory, and much more!

Saft Ni-Cd Batteries

SAFT Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) Stationary Batteries offer you the peace of mind of knowing that they will work when you need them to work, for up to 20+ years, in challenging conditions, with very low maintenance. The Arthur N. Ulrich Company is the exclusive manufacturer’s representative for SAFT Batteries for the US & Canada rail/transit markets.


80Ah to 510Ah

The Most Trusted Rail Signal Battery

SAFT SPL+ Ni-Cd batteries are designed to guarantee the complete reliability of signaling and railroad system communication. The SPL+ features excellent electrical performance, high resistance to electrical and mechanical abuse, 20+ year lifetime and very low maintenance and excellent storage capability (up to 2-years). The SPL+ powers railroad trackside signals, flashers, switches, communications and other equipment over long discharge periods.


80Ah to 180Ah

Direct Replacement for VRLA Batteries

SAFT TLX Ni-Cd batteries deliver exceptional reliability against unexpected outages for railroad trackside installations and substations where continuity and reliability of power supplied is critical. TLX batteries are a 20+ year direct replacement for VRLA batteries that overpromise and underdeliver.


50Ah to 1830Ah

Ideal for Solar (PV) & Large AH Requirements

SAFT SUN+ Ni-Cd batteries are the perfect solution for remote installations that rely on various sources of power generation, such as solar pv, wind-turbines and diesel generators, used under the most difficult environmental conditions for long life performance and very low maintenance.

La Marche Battery Chargers / Testers

La Marche Railroad Battery Chargers are purpose designed for the demanding requirements of railroad wayside signaling and communication applications, as well as multi-use battery chargers for rail and transit maintenance shops. The Arthur N. Ulrich Company is the exclusive manufacturer’s representative for La Marche Manufacturing for the US & Canada rail/transit markets.

La Marche is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and an ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturer which includes 100% functional testing for every La Marche product.


High-Frequency Railroad Charger

La Marche’s all-new RHF2 Rail Charger utilizes proven high frequency charging technology and is developed specifically for the demanding use of rail signaling applications. The RHF2 is characterized by a reduced size and weight compared to traditional SCR rail chargers. New for the RHF2 is available Ethernet TCP/IP Communications (SNMP and Remote Monitoring); Data Logging to Monitor Battery Health; Ground Detection Monitoring & Alarming and Asset Monitoring.


Multiple Output SCR Railroad Charger

The La Marche A75R series is purpose designed for harsh rail applications and utilize robust and reliable SCR charging technology. The A75R is capable of charging VRLA, flooded lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. The A75R is packed with value-added features to make a customers DC system more reliable.


Compact Switchmode Battery Charger

The La Marche LMESpro battery charger is designed to both recharge and extend life utilizing multi-stage charging. The LMESpro is completely automatic, lightweight and convection cooled. The output is available for either 12 VDC or 24 VDC. The LMESpro battery charger is suitable for various types of technologies such as Lead Acid, NiCad or HCAP (Hybrid Asymmetric LiC Supercapacitors).The LMES Pro’s compact footprint makes it suitable for space constrained applications including railway switch machines.


Portable Battery Capacity Tester

The La Marche RH-3 Portable Battery Tester is an electronic capacity tester that measures AmpHours and battery performance under controlled test conditions. The RH-3 Tester is offered in 500W and 750W models and can be operated in several test modes, which provides the flexibility to test each battery according to its own ratings or the application requirements. The RH-3 can accommodate a wide range of battery chemistries & voltages (10V-60V).


Single Cell Shop Charger

The La Marche SC3 (Single Cell Battery Charger) is a portable charger that restores batteries lost capacity, balances specific gravity and reverses the sulfation process that is known to degrade battery systems health. The charger offers the flexibility of charging single, two or three lead acid battery cells.

Prime & Backup Power Systems & Accessories

Since the early 1980’s – RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC has helped railroad customers tackle their critical prime and back-up wayside power challenges with fully engineered and innovative solutions ranging from a few watts to several kilowatts. We can provide reliable prime and backup power systems for highway crossings, intermediate signals, control points, track circuits, slide fences, PTC upgrades, AEI devices, hot box detectors, switch machines, cameras and surveillance, disaster preparedness and much more!

RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer.

Switch Boost™ 120V System

Enhanced Power for High Voltage Railway Power Switches

Our innovative and patented Switch Boost™ 120V System utilizes one or two ultracapacitor modules to provide enhanced power to high voltage railway power switches. Taking advantage of the high current and exceptional cycle capability of ultracapacitors, our Switch Boost™ 120V System can dramatically improve the performance, life and reliability of railway power switches, compared to battery-only systems. The Switch Boost™ 120V System offers built-in safety & security and plug & play integration for rapid field deployment.

Patent No. 11,482,880 B1

Switch Boost™ 12V / 24V System

Enhanced Power & Backup for Railway Power Switches

Our all-new Switch Boost 12V & 24V Systems utilize hybrid ultracapacitor modules to provide enhanced power to 12V and 24V railway power switches. Hybrid ultracapacitors (HCAP) combined with Lithium-Ion are an emerging technology for energy storage. This hybrid technology provides a source of short duration power and energy for long term backup, making them well-suited for railway switch power applications. HCAPs can replace traditional 12V and 24V railway switch batteries while providing a more reliable, cost-effective, long-term solution.

Stirling Engines

Prime & Backup Power: 1.8kW to 5.6kW
120 / 240 VAC

Our PowerGen Remote Power Generator combines the high efficiency Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) technology with advanced combustion capabilities to efficiently transform propane or natural gas into dependable power. Stirling Engines are a long-life (80,000+ hour design life), zero-maintenance alternative to maintenance-intensive gas/diesel generators used for prime and backup power generation at critical wayside signaling and communication sites.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Extended-Run Backup Power: 250W to 1kW
12 / 24 / 48 VDC

Our Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) provide a reliable source of DC power by converting chemical energy into electricity. Powered by low cost, readily available and easily transportable propane or natural gas, a SOFC is capable of providing days, weeks and even months of reliable, clean, extended-run backup power protection to highway crossings, intermediate signals, control points, hot box detectors and much more!

Solar Power Systems

Prime & Backup Power: 50W to 5kW

Our Solar Power Systems provide a reliable and proven source of DC power by converting sunlight directly into electricity. Solar Power Systems are a reliable and economical solution for wayside applications. We’ve been providing Solar Power Systems to the rail market since the early 1980’s and offer a variety of mounting configurations including our patented RP Series Retractable Mast (below) to meet virtually any budget and/or site requirement.

Alkaline Fuel Cells

Prime & Backup Power 5kW+ @ 48VDC

GenCell Energy develops unique Alkaline Fuel Cell (AFC) solutions in the 5kW+ range. Using the ultra-reliable and exhaust-free technology that powered the American space program, GenCell Energy provides affordable, clean backup power. The GenCell BOX™ 5kW long-duration backup power solution provides a compact, resilent and emission-free source of backup power designed especially for critical telecommunications and other mission-critical applications.

Micro-Wind Turbines

Supplemental Power: 350W to 1.2kW

Our SuperWind Micro-Wind Turbines provide a source of DC power by capturing the energy of moving air and converting it into electricity. Micro-Wind Turbines can be combined with other power generating technologies (solar, fuel cell, stirling engines) to increase reliability and provide supplemental power to intermediate signals, control points, track circuits and much more.

RP Series Retractable Mast

20′ Mast

Our innovative RP Series Retractable Mast is the industry pioneer railroad solar mounting solution that provides a safe and convenient means of mounting solar arrays to a pole structure at ground level, eliminating the need to have a boom-truck on-site for periodic maintenance, troubleshooting or panel replacement. The system can be raised and lowered via a hand-crank or power drill for safe and easy operation.

Battery Boxes

Standard & Custom Sizes

Our robust Battery Boxes are perfect for wayside applications where space constraints in existing bungalows may require battery storage elsewhere. Constructed of all-welded aluminum (steel constructon also available) and featuring fully insulated panels, these battery boxes provide excellent protection for your batteries. We offer several standard sizes and can provide a high level of customization for any site requirement.

FlexScada Monitoring

Low Power, Low Cost Monitoring

FlexSCADA is an economical, ultra low power SCADA device that can monitor various site parameters like temperature, voltage, amperage, watts and more! Readings from this device can be uploaded to the Cloud through MQTT, JSON, UDP and SNMP. FlexScada is quick-to-install and easy-to-use with an intuitive onboard web interface.

Member Associations

Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc.


Railway Systems Suppliers, Inc., (RSSI) is a trade association serving the communication and signal segment of the rail transportation industry. RSSI’s primary effort each year is to organize and manage a trade show for its members to exhibit their products and services.

Railway Supply Institute


Railway Supply Institute (RSI) acts on behalf of the largest and smallest suppliers to North American freight and passenger railroads. RSI represents a diverse group of rail suppliers involved in the manufacture of products and services in the freight car, locomotive, maintenance-of-way, communications and signaling, and passenger rail industries.


National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association


National Railroad Construction & Maintenance Association (NRC) is the only trade association organized specifically to serve the needs of railroad contractors, suppliers, and the entire railroad and rail transit construction industry.


American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association


The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association is a North American railway industry group. It publishes recommended practices for the design, construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, which are used in the United States and Canada.

Matt Ulrich currently serves on
AREMA Committee 38 – Information, Defect Detection & Energy Systems.

Robby Johnson currently serves on
AREMA Committee 35Information Technology
AREMA Committee 36Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Warning Systems.

Key People

Tom Ulrich

Special Projects

Joined the company in 1973, former President/CEO who is now retired. Tom still serves on several industry boards and works on various projects as needed.

Jim Ulrich


Joined the company in 1974 and is currently President/CEO taking over for Tom Ulrich who has retired. Jim handles sales & corporate management, contract decisions and is also responsible for Central Ohio and many national railroad accounts.

Matt Ulrich

Sr. Rail Sales – Eastern US & Canada

Joined the company in 2008 and is currently an outside sales agent for national rail/transit accounts primarily in the Eastern US & Canada.

Mark Ulrich

Project Engineer – RedHawk Energy

Joined the company in 2008 and is currently a project engineer for our subsidiary company – RedHawk Energy Systems, LLC. Mark is responsible for project design, engineering and development.

Kandee Engle

Inside Sales

Joined the company in 1992 and is currently an inside sales agent. Kandee is responsible for customer quotations, orders and logistical support for national railroad accounts.

Robby Johnson

Rail Sales – Western US

Joined the company in July 2022 and is currently an outside sales agent for national rail/transit accounts, primarily US accounts West of the Mississippi River.

Kim Snider

Order Logistics / Support

Joined the company in 2015 and is currently the office receptionist. Kim is responsible for order processing, filing, shipping, sales support and greeting customers.

Judy Salyer

RedHawk Orders / Support

Joined the company in 1998 and is currently an inside office manager and corporate assistant. Judy is responsible for orders and logistical support for RedHawk Energy orders.