Schools / Colleges

We offer a range of products to support the power infrastructure needs of small and large schools and universities. Our product solutions include: transfer switches; generator control switchgear; UPS systems for IT equipment; surge protection devices for sensitive equipment; industrial batteries and chargers for generator starting, UPS systems, switchgear and emergency lighting; load banks for generator testing.

Russelectric Generator Control Switchgear
Russelectric Transfer Switches
ESL Generator Connection Cabinets
Concentric Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for Distributed Energy / Microgrid
Bloom Energy Large Scalable Fuel Cells
GenCell Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cells for EV Charging Infrastructure & Backup Resiliency
SAFT Ni-Cd Batteries
La Marche Battery Chargers
Thor Systems Surge Protection Devices (SPD)
BENDER Ground Detection Systems
Simplex Load Banks
TMC Transformers